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Individual Therapy and Addiction/Recovery Support

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is when a person meets with a therapist one on one once or twice a week for about an hour per session. Patients are able to have the therapist’s complete attention and feel they are in a safe and private environment.

Individual therapy is useful for treatment of addiction, anger, anxiety, trauma, depression, divorce, eating disorders, grief, stress, sexual dysfunction, sexual identity, sexual abuse, childhood trauma, and more.

Addiction issues may be drug related, gambling, sexual, work, crime, eating, smoking, video game, computer, money and others. Individual therapy will work through the issues involved in all these areas.

Finding a therapist that you feel safe and comfortable with is of the utmost importance. Take the time to evaluate how you feel with any therapist you meet. Remember that this is for you and your healing.


Taking the first step towards getting help is not easy... Do not despair! Help is here.

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