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Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Esteem

Depression hurts like real pain, call Michelle

Low self-esteem can be a product of depression and anxiety. So logically if you are able to resolve the depression and anxiety the low self-esteem will turn in to a healthier self- esteem. Most depression and anxiety are caused when an individual has not been able to deal with their emotions in appropriate and healthy ways. This may have started in childhood taught by parents who never knew how to express their feelings. Additionally, the pace of the planet is moving very quickly and there are many things in life that pulls on our attention and it can become quite natural to put our feelings aside for now with intentions to deal with them later ‘when we have the time’. Generally that time for processing never comes but what does develop is anxiety and depression. These conditions are the signposts that something is wrong, that we have become out of balance in some way.

Therapy can help you re-balance, teaching you how to express and release emotions you may not know you even have. This enables individuals to find his or her ‘truth’ and realize their true potential of being.

Taking the first step towards getting help is not easy... Do not despair! Help is here.

Contact Michelle Friedman... Please do not hesitate to contact me at:

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