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Couples Therapy & Relationship Issues, Divorce...

Relationship issues are prevalent in today’s society. With the pace of life going as fast as it does and all of the challenges life brings with it, many relationships have difficulties dealing with the stress. Many relationship issues end up in a break up or divorce, which may not be necessary with the right couples therapy. Divorce may seem like the fast and easy answer but it isn’t always. It is important to determine the true cause of any relationship issues, and find out whether the problem stems from the couple as a pair or if individual issues are manifesting as relationship trouble.

There are many issues that couples therapy can explore and develop an understanding on. Infidelity, divorce, substance abuse, medical conditions, cultural conflicts, finances, unemployment, sexual issues, conflicts on parenting, anger, infertility, change, communication issues, and blended families are some.

There are also partners who choose couples therapy to strengthen their relationship, avoiding relationship troubles all together; feeling more comfortable communicating in a safe place outside the home. A family therapist creates this safe environment for sharing and healing, which allows for deeper communication and a stronger understanding between partners.

arriage counseling can ease all sorts of relationship problems. It brings partners together for a ‘joint’ therapy session. Relationship counseling can help resolve conflicts and heal wounds that arise from infidelity, fear, anger, sexual issues, illness, and communication difficulty. Marriage counseling opens up the discourse that has been futile for days, weeks and even years. This is accomplished by teaching couples tools of communication that aid in clearer communication, improved listening skills, cooperative problem solving, and a healthier release of feelings in argument form that becomes supportive instead of destructive.

Relationship counseling is not limited to married couples. Many relationships can benefit from learning these tools. Any strained relationship where two people are living or working close together can benefit from counseling. Marriage and relationship counseling is provided by licensed therapists known as marriage or family therapists.

The job of the therapist is to help determine the causes of particular conflicts. Once the cause is identified, the healing can begin. It may be through proper communication and acknowledging differences or it may be through loud and abrasive arguments where your therapist acts as a mediator.

Regardless of the method of discovery, marriage counseling is a solution for many relationships that have known something is wrong for a long time but have no idea where to start in regards to resolving things.

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